Kings of the Dance

Men … Dancing … there is a Heaven!


Muscles rippling … sweat-soaked chests … powerful male energy … passion! drama! delight! Yes! oh my, Yes! I saw "Kings of the Dance" last night … and I wish the night never ended!

"Four of today’s greatest dancers take center stage for an incomparable display of the power and prowess of the male dancer. American Ballet Theater’s Angel Corella and Ethan Stiefel, Johan Kobborg of The Royal Ballet and Bolshoi Ballet star Nikolay Tsiskaridze will each dance world premiere works by some of today’s most sought-after choreographers. Additionally, all four stars join in a brand new work by Christopher Wheeldon."

My favorite dancer for years has been Angel Corrella, with Ethan Stiefel a close second. The opening piece "For Four" was in-freakin-credible, both in the dancers and in the choreography. When all 4 were onstage, they would alternate similar movements … then dance in sync … then solo … an ever-changing panorama of flowing movement, line, drama, art … constantly moving, constantly changing, fluid, fluid. I don’t think anyone in the audience even breathed during this piece! I’m sure I didn’t, but I had tears toward the end of it. My soul just couldn’t hold in that much beauty without shedding some tears.


The power of each dancer is beyond belief. Perfect male forms – muscular, defined, the very definition of "masculine". It’s mind-blowing what the human body is capable of when they have the incredible strength of these dancers. Wheeldon’s choreography explores not just the explosive turns and jetes that would be expected, but also subtler nuances … a hand opening and closing … the twitch of a shoulder muscle … the back arching forward. It was truly Dance, not acrobatics, with the entire body engaged in movement. I just simply have no words to describe the remarkable event that is "Kings of the Dance"!


PS. Movie recommendation: Ballets Russes. My brother suggested we see this before Christmas and it is one of the finest movies I’ve ever seen. The story of the Ballet Russe(s) in the 30s/40s, using archival footage and amazing interviews with many of the dancers still alive today. I’m so grateful my bro suggested it!

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