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Come visit me!

  I’m moving to a new blog home! My old laptop just doesn’t seem to play well with MSN Spaces any longer and acts really quirky so I’m giving Blogger a try. So far, so good – of course, I’ve only posted one … Continue reading

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If only I could make money at this …

  One of my super powers doesn’t involve leaping tall buildings in a single bound or going faster than a speeding bullet. It’s a relatively useless super power, unfortunately, but I’m really, really good at it!    What is this wondrous … Continue reading


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True Leadership

  My oldest granddaughter, J, just came back from a week at Occidental College as part of the National Young Scholars Program, an in-depth learning program for high-achieving 4th- and 5th-grade students. She’s a smart kid, that one; straight A’s, … Continue reading

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pow! boom! kerplow!

    Pop … BOOM!       BAM! BAM!         POW!      pap – pap – pap – shreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!     BAM! BOOM!   pop! pop! pop!       BOOM!  BAM!   I sit and drink my tea, watching a little TV. Car alarms are going off. Police sirens are wailing. … Continue reading

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smell that jasmine!

    A few years ago, my oldest granddaughter, Jasmine, and I were coming out of the library one night. It was around May, the air was crisp and clean and all the jasmine on the library grounds was in bloom … Continue reading

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bad car-ma

  The last couple of weeks I’ve been especially grateful that life was going smoothly, no big road bumps, no crises, no deaths (after two in the family last year) – thank you, God! Like all things in life, this … Continue reading

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thanks for the gifts that matter

 We had a too-small kitchen in our home when I was growing up, a narrow galley with a tiny laundry room at one end with a door to the backyard. Just a small 1950s ranch house (we were the “Dutch … Continue reading

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living more lightly

  Go, Orange Crushers!   My voice is hoarse, the palms of my hands are sore and I’m so amped, I could jump out of my skin! J’s soccer team, the Orange Crushers, just won their semi-final game – woo-hoo! … Continue reading

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it’s not about the dancing

  Last year, I watched nearly every episode of Dancing with the Stars. Dancing is one of my passions. It was my mom’s, too. As a young woman she danced swing and won many swing dance contests, usually dancing with … Continue reading

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a HAPPY Halloween

fun and fantasy   "Nana, you know what holiday I really don’t like?", J said to me with a wistful sadness in her voice. "Yeah, baby, I know. I’m sorry. It’ll be over soon."   J loves fun and fantasy; … Continue reading

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