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bad car-ma

  The last couple of weeks I’ve been especially grateful that life was going smoothly, no big road bumps, no crises, no deaths (after two in the family last year) – thank you, God! Like all things in life, this … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me!

  Happy day, happy day! Today is my birthday and my friends and family have all made me feel so special! When I count my blessings, it’s these relationships that I count among my greatest and most treasured blessings of … Continue reading

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season for non-violence campaign

  January 30 – April 4 is the Season for Non-Violence campaign, dedicated to raising awareness about the healing and transforming power of nonviolence, with a concert tour by James Twyman, known as the Peace Troubador.   The Season for … Continue reading

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Aquarius, beings of the air

  Happy birthday to my fellow Aquarians!   Both my sun sign and my rising sign is/are Aquarius, an air sign, so the characteristics of Aquarians tend to be pretty accurate for me. Aquarians are free spirits, humanitarians, a bit unconventional, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, J!

Today is J’s birthday – hurray! hurray!   Today she is 10 years old … a wise child, a funny child, witty, clever, beautiful in spirit, creative, intelligent, my fellow Aquarian. What can I say about this precious child, this … Continue reading

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