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non-violence in daily life

  The list of 64 Daily Commitments to Live By includes a number of different practices. For example: Today, I will affirm my value and worth with positive "self talk" and refuse to put myself down.Today, I will turn off anything that … Continue reading

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an unexpected purge

    I continue to try to observe the Season for Non-Violence. Last week, it seems that the Universe thought it’d be fun to test me and my commitment.   A couple of weeks ago, a driver on my laptop got corrupted, … Continue reading

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ahimsa – non-violence

  Yogic philosophy includes Yamas (disciplines) and Niyamas (observances). Ahimsa is the Yama of non-violence. Each day, we commit small acts of violence, usually without being conscious of our doing so, and often without considering that our thoughts, words or … Continue reading


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  I haven’t been able to post for awhile. My laptop at home caught a virus and can’t connect via DSL to the Internet, so I’m trying to take a few minutes at the end of my lunch for a … Continue reading

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