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Come visit me!

  I’m moving to a new blog home! My old laptop just doesn’t seem to play well with MSN Spaces any longer and acts really quirky so I’m giving Blogger a try. So far, so good – of course, I’ve only posted one … Continue reading

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If only I could make money at this …

  One of my super powers doesn’t involve leaping tall buildings in a single bound or going faster than a speeding bullet. It’s a relatively useless super power, unfortunately, but I’m really, really good at it!    What is this wondrous … Continue reading


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time, rest, renewal, reconnection

  It’s been one month today since I was laid off, a time during which I’m ever more aware of how perfectly the Divine works in my life, providing abundant blessings and grace …   Each morning, I strap on my … Continue reading

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Labor Day 2007

  crit-crit … crit-crit … I finally notice the sound and lazily look up from my book. Lazily, because I’m out in the quiet of my patio reading,  the bright sun warming my skin – my arms, my head, my face, my legs – … Continue reading

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