It’s My Birthday!
 Happy Birthday to me!
I’m not normally a "center of attention" type of person, but I do enjoy it on my birthday! The day started with a call from J wishing me happy birthday, then other calls later in the morning … e-mails from a few friends and family … e-cards from other friends … all wishing me well, wishing me happiness today and through the year, expressing their love for me. It puts such great and amazing energy into my spirit to be on the receiving end of others’ good thoughts! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s wonderful to be reminded of how fortunate I am in the personal relationships I have, blessed with truly good friends and family. Lucky me!
I also think of my mom on this day. <sigh>  A few years ago, Dad gave me an old suitcase full of mementos from Mom. Inside was an old pocket calendar from the year before I was born. Curious, I looked through it and found the first few pages blank. Then I found an entry around May; I think it must’ve been the day that she found out that she was pregnant with me. It’s so meaningful to me that she kept that calendar. I’m her first-born, and I often speculate on how she must’ve felt, what dreams she might’ve had for her baby, what she might have hoped for in her relationship with me.
With family, friends and memories, I have had a very Happy Birth Day!
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  1. Gilmar says:

    Thanks for stopping by my space today and leaving really nice comments… I read some of yours entry and I found them really interesting a full of energy… I\’ll be comming back to read some more and to check how you\’re doing…Have a great weekend!!!

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