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cultural kindness

  A young man works hard, practices long hours, disciplines himself in order to make a strong attempt at fulfilling his dreams. With hope in his heart and a prayer on his lips, he walks on the stage, attempting some … Continue reading

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a sewing lesson

  "I had a WONDERFUL day, Nana!" J was smiling and filled with happiness as we packed up her things so I could take her home. "Today was a great day!" I had to smile from ear-to-ear myself; it was … Continue reading

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scars and bruises

  Holding my child in the night, wondering how I would be able to care for her, how I would be able to provide for her, how I could do all I needed to do alone, as a single parent, … Continue reading

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pleasure for pleasure’s sake

I’ve always been a bit of a hedonist, loving the feeling of simple pleasure without purpose, of the senses filling up with "happy". Sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. I guess we’re all hedonists in some way. "Raindrops on roses and … Continue reading

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