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Come visit me!

  I’m moving to a new blog home! My old laptop just doesn’t seem to play well with MSN Spaces any longer and acts really quirky so I’m giving Blogger a try. So far, so good – of course, I’ve only posted one … Continue reading

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If only I could make money at this …

  One of my super powers doesn’t involve leaping tall buildings in a single bound or going faster than a speeding bullet. It’s a relatively useless super power, unfortunately, but I’m really, really good at it!    What is this wondrous … Continue reading


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time, rest, renewal, reconnection

  It’s been one month today since I was laid off, a time during which I’m ever more aware of how perfectly the Divine works in my life, providing abundant blessings and grace …   Each morning, I strap on my … Continue reading

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Labor Day 2007

  crit-crit … crit-crit … I finally notice the sound and lazily look up from my book. Lazily, because I’m out in the quiet of my patio reading,  the bright sun warming my skin – my arms, my head, my face, my legs – … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

  It’s Mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!   Mom used to joke that she was like Jack Benny, forever 39. As my cousins got older, she’d tease them "You’re catching up to me!" Since she crossed over in 1990, Mom … Continue reading

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… and then the next thing happens

  “The awakened sages call a person wise when all his undertakings are free from anxiety about results.”~ Krishna from The Bhagavad Gita      There is a Zen Buddhist teaching of "non-attachment"; in yoga, it is called apigraha, the fifth … Continue reading

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shifts of the 60s

  Looking up from the paper, Mom said "I hear this band is really great." Passing the newspaper advertisement to me across the kitchen table, I saw the ads for the various albums and 45s recently released. "I think I’ll get the album," she said, … Continue reading

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civil rights, carnaby street, vietnam, hippies, Beatles

  I took my granddaughters (10 and 7) to see Hairspray today. Great family movie, lots of fun, gags that had everyone in the theater rolling, Christopher Walken is memorable ("my heart only beats for a size 60") – just … Continue reading

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True Leadership

  My oldest granddaughter, J, just came back from a week at Occidental College as part of the National Young Scholars Program, an in-depth learning program for high-achieving 4th- and 5th-grade students. She’s a smart kid, that one; straight A’s, … Continue reading

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pow! boom! kerplow!

    Pop … BOOM!       BAM! BAM!         POW!      pap – pap – pap – shreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!     BAM! BOOM!   pop! pop! pop!       BOOM!  BAM!   I sit and drink my tea, watching a little TV. Car alarms are going off. Police sirens are wailing. … Continue reading

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