Can I take your order?

Lessons on ordering at the drive-thru
After yoga this morning, I went to the drive-thru coffee place, placed my order and was waiting for my order at the window when a car pulled up behind me and I overheard this transaction between the cashier and the customer:
(Cashier) Welcome to [coffee place]. May I take your order?
(Girl’s voice) yeah … um … I’ll have a … medium mocha.
Would you like toppings?
Um … yeah.
OK. Can I get you anything else?
And I’ll take an Everything Bagel … toasted … uh … with cream cheese.
That’s an Everything Bagel, toasted with cream cheese. Anything else?
And I’ll take … (man’s voice now) … yeah … um … I’ll take a [orders sandwich] …
OK. Anything else for you?
(girl’s voice) No.
And I’ll take a Caesar salad … [cashier confirms size, dressing, etc.]
OK. Anything else?
And I’d like … um … a … uh … Banana Ana … with orange …
[cashier explains she can do apple and orange juice]
Anything else?
And …
 … and this went on for 5 more items that she and the guy ordered! The cashier and I were just staring at each other laughing each time she’d ask the girl "anything else?" and the girl would reply "No." then order something else. How does a person get a driver’s license without knowing how to order at a drive-thru? Hilarious!
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1 Response to Can I take your order?

  1. Gilmar says:

    hahaha that\’s really funny…sounds like my hubby and me!!! (not so proud of that!!hehehe)

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