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world health

feeding my brain, expanding my world   Geek alert:  In-depth article on the Gates Foundation and the focus on malaria and other diseases; utterly fascinating to me, rather lengthy (took most of my lunch break, and I’m a fast reader) … Continue reading

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utterly divine

Choosing how I respond …   In an article in Yogi Times regarding Yogi and teacher, David Wells, writer Stepanie Phelan (herself a yogi and instructor) shares: "[Wells is inspired] to respond to his surroundings as though everything is a … Continue reading


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What could be easier?

simplify   I’ve been working on IT projects for around 15 years now. I have a fascination/addiction to understanding how we consume information and how technology can be used to promote or obstruct that consumption. Nearly everything we do involves … Continue reading

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slow down … you move too fast …

take your time …   A friend of mine is getting a playhouse … for herself. She’s always wanted one and life’s not getting any longer, so she’s going to get one, put it up in her backyard, decorate, plant a … Continue reading

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