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read to me, be with me

totally grand   "Rip … Van .. WINKLE!" J declared, dropping her honeyed voice into a lower octave, sounding quite authoritative. And so we began, with J reading out loud to me, performing the words vocally as she read, changing … Continue reading

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Grow peace

I wish you peace   I wish you peace in your heart and in your spirit today.   May your every experience today be filled with peace.   Peace in your voice Peace in the voices you hear Peace in … Continue reading

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Mindfulness of listening

Considering conversations …   I did my regular blood donation with the Red Cross at the park the other day. (Another 3 lives helped – thank you for making it all so easy, Red Cross.) The volunteer who greeted me … Continue reading

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MRI and arthrogram

First the needle, then the tube …   I’ve made a lovely friend, Lynn, through Spaces, who makes a good point that I don’t share a lot about stuff going on in my life. I’m contentedly independent and not one … Continue reading

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