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civil rights, carnaby street, vietnam, hippies, Beatles

  I took my granddaughters (10 and 7) to see Hairspray today. Great family movie, lots of fun, gags that had everyone in the theater rolling, Christopher Walken is memorable ("my heart only beats for a size 60") – just … Continue reading

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True Leadership

  My oldest granddaughter, J, just came back from a week at Occidental College as part of the National Young Scholars Program, an in-depth learning program for high-achieving 4th- and 5th-grade students. She’s a smart kid, that one; straight A’s, … Continue reading

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pow! boom! kerplow!

    Pop … BOOM!       BAM! BAM!         POW!      pap – pap – pap – shreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!     BAM! BOOM!   pop! pop! pop!       BOOM!  BAM!   I sit and drink my tea, watching a little TV. Car alarms are going off. Police sirens are wailing. … Continue reading

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