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toot toot!

  Some days, it’s just nice to be affirmed by those who know your work.   I received an IM today from the Sr. Technical Manager at my previous company, RPA: "Rick gave you a great compliment yesterday" "He was … Continue reading

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a way to give more

  If you’re doing any online shopping, you might want to consider shopping at The Hunger Site Store. They have such a vast array of items to choose from: jewelry, clothing, home accessories, garden items, coffees, food items, ornaments, music, … Continue reading

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living more lightly

  Go, Orange Crushers!   My voice is hoarse, the palms of my hands are sore and I’m so amped, I could jump out of my skin! J’s soccer team, the Orange Crushers, just won their semi-final game – woo-hoo! … Continue reading

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it’s not about the dancing

  Last year, I watched nearly every episode of Dancing with the Stars. Dancing is one of my passions. It was my mom’s, too. As a young woman she danced swing and won many swing dance contests, usually dancing with … Continue reading

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putting a label on things

Conservative? Liberal? None of the above?   I had intended to write this a few days ago; like most things lately, it seems that all the bits and pieces of life’s Do List didn’t provide any free space in my days to … Continue reading

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