an unexpected purge

I continue to try to observe the Season for Non-Violence. Last week, it seems that the Universe thought it’d be fun to test me and my commitment.
A couple of weeks ago, a driver on my laptop got corrupted, preventing me from using my DSL connection. I took the laptop to a small, locally owned repair place. When possible and practical, I try to steer my business to independent places rather than big corporations. The guy, Mike, seemed very nice and said he’d take care of it for me and fix a couple of other little things. All good.
So, I was without a laptop at home for about a week, a minor inconvenience. On Saturday, I picked up my laptop from the repair place and found that Mike had repaired my laptop but he’d also deleted all my data: work documents, e-mail addresses, website Favorites, e-mails, family photos  – everything. Gone, gone, gone. I was stunned. My bad, I didn’t have a backup; but I also didn’t expect that he’d delete everything. When I told Mike that everything was gone – in a very calm, quiet voice, since I’m focused on peaceful thoughts, actions, words –
he got angry with me, cursing in both English and some other language in a Middle Eastern accent, ranting and roaming the store, waving his hands around, saying he was going to lock his doors, that his customers are always trying to take advantage of him …
"You want backup, it cost you $80!" he yelled.
"That’s a fair price, Mike. I would’ve paid that. You never told me that my data would be deleted."
"You never say you want backup!!!"
I was very calm throughout the exchange while Mike yelled and was very emotional. I was the one with the lost family photos, the lost documents and e-mails, but I felt an inner calmness throughout his tirade. My higher self – my inner Kwai Chang Caine – kept me in control and with a peace in my heart in spite of the situation.
Although I was very disappointed and sad that my photos were gone, I could not change it. Getting angry and yelling back at him wouldn’t change anything; I’d be upset (which would also affect my fibromyalgia and blood pressure) and my data would still be gone. Who benefits from that? I don’t get my family photos back, or the copywriting work that I’ve done for clients, or the funny/touching/loving e-mails from friends and family.
My inner Kwai Chang Caine came through and I almost felt like I was apart from my self, observing myself being calm and detached throughout Mike’s tirade. Friends and family sometimes consider me to be too trusting of others, of not having a backbone. Perhaps that’s so.  I prefer to live my life in a positive, peaceful state of mind – looking for solutions, agreement, cooperation – rather than being confrontational and combative.
I think I scored a positive for my Self and for The Season for Non-Violence.
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3 Responses to an unexpected purge

  1. Faithfulmom says:

    So sad that you lost family photos…I deleted my February photos (my Birthday, my son\’s and Valentine\’s Day) and I am still bummed out!  I back up things a lot but I slipped up.  I am just doing some blog walking and was intrigued by your site.  So many things that you do that I wish I could do…painting, piano, yoga but there is little calm in my home…Someday!  Blessings!

  2. Lynn says:

    You are one of the few people I know who could have achieved that sense of calm and well-being, Rose.  Most would have thrown a fit to rival Mike\’s, and the rest would probably have slumped out of there depressed and despondent at the loss of all those treasures.  That you could find a calm and acceptance of what is rather than stand ranting about what should have been is a true testament to who you really are…in all seasons.
    Your admiring and blessed Sister of the Stream

  3. Lynn says:

    How is getting everything restored on your system going?  I\’m going to have to get a new hard drive in a couple weeks, and I haven\’t started switching everything over to disk yet to save…oh joy, THAT is going to be fun!
    Love to you…hope you are feeling and doing well!

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