I haven’t been able to post for awhile. My laptop at home caught a virus and can’t connect via DSL to the Internet, so I’m trying to take a few minutes at the end of my lunch for a quick post.
On Feb. 9, I posted a link to more information about the 64 Days of Peace, the Season for Non-Violence. My intention at that time was to follow up with various suggestions for practicing non-violence. My laptop had other ideas, unfortunately, and then I had the car accident and so here we are.  The Season is through April 4, so I’ll post a few thoughts between now and then.
Tomorrow, I’d like to write about personal nonviolence, the ways we practice nonviolence as individuals, the way we practice through thought, word and deed, the way we practice nonviolence toward others as well as toward ourselves.
More tomorrow …
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2 Responses to nonviolence

  1. Lynn says:

    Just checking in, I haven\’t been on either…I think I\’ve hit a round of depression.
    I look forward to reading about your thoughts on personal nonviolence.  I\’ve got my own ideas, but know you will give me much to think over and practice. 
    Love to you

  2. Unknown says:

    Hope this goes thought, never done this before.
    Sorry to hear of your troubles, when it rains, it pours.
    Hope you are well and that things settle down soon.

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