racists scare me!

Can we just deport the racists?
The depth of people’s ignorance is truly frightening … frightening and dangerous. I thought we were having a national discussion about illegal immigration, and the economic, political, security and human cost of people staying here without being accounted for on paper somehow.
Where’s the discussion on the millions of Europeans, Candians, Australians who remain here on expired visas … or who cross from Canada without any visa at all?
Where’s the hew and cry about all the students from China, Japan, Cambodia who remain here long after their student visas have expired?
Where are the demonstrations about those blasted Scottish whose papers aren’t up to date?
Why aren’t we building a wall at our northern border? Or (to exaggerate to an extreme) miles up in the air to prevent those Russians, Lithuanians and Spaniards from landing on our shores?
The studies I’ve read in Newsweek say that 30+% of the 11 million undocumented aliens in the U.S. are non-Hispanic. I’m no math whiz, but isn’t that over 3 million non-Hispanics?
The illegal immigration topic has exposed the Minutemen and their ilk as the racists they are. From the Minuteman national blog:
Am I teaching my children to be racist ? , No I am teaching them to shoot and pointing our potential targets …There is nothing racist or un American about opposing this hispanic invasion , and when real Americans are backed into a corner they will feel the wraith , believe me , Buy lots of guns and rope patriots , we will have to take care of business because our gov’t won’t do it.

This level of hatred for any of God’s children shakes me to my core. Can this really be happening?

I would suggest that all MM keep their weapons in their holsters or face possible prison time and loss of all assets. Another possible approach is shoot to kill, and have a backhoe handy to burry all evidence. (just joking at this time)

Killing other human beings? Seriously?  Human beings who are so poor and so desperate that they will leave their lives, homes and families in order to find work so their children don’t cry with hunger. The level of desperation it takes to leave EVERYTHING you’ve ever known to travel a dangerous route that is known to result in hundreds of deaths every year is something most of us are tremendously fortunate to not know.

Can we just take the racists and deport them to their own island? With their guns?

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1 Response to racists scare me!

  1. Lynn says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes!

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