Just a random thought …
It’s interesting to look at the blog stats and visit others’ sites from their URLs on the stats page. Yesterday, my stats showed a link to , which showed my Kings of the Dance post … and a bunch of other interesting (or not) posts related to these amazing dancers. I enjoyed reading more about KofD from sources I probably wouldn’t have discovered without that link … Cool!
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  1. Deborah says:

    Hi Rose:) Thank you for visiting my site. I have enjoyed yours immensely. I left a comment about the tribute to your mum below~what a testimony:)
    My sister has the same condition you wrote about too. I won\’t even try to spell it. She has difficulty in coping with her every day business; her biggest problem is keeping it to herself when she is in pain. Isn\’t that the way it is with chronic conditions? People just do not want to know or hear.My diabetes drives me to distraction at times; blah. Always there, double blah.
    I see you are in Calif. I have been there many many times. Business used to take me there alot. I miss it. Have you ever driven up highway 8 out of Yuma? I did alot of shopping along that route~lots of very cheap pottery out of Mexico. Oh and I miss the food out there! Michigan hasn\’t discovered spices. Heck, the sunshine is piped in!
    Sorry, sometimes I get chatty eheh. Peace to you and again thank you for visiting!!!!!!! The Owl

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