Embrace life.
Embrace new experiences. New experiences allow us to explore and discover more of our selves.
Embrace the wisdom that has been acquired. We pick up so much along our journeys; footprints are left along our path by those who have traveled by our side, to teach, or to share and experience our own realities. We leave our footprints on the paths of others, as we become their teachers and companions, too. I love my age, because I have experienced more life, more love, more!
Embrace challenge. Embrace difficulty. These strengthen us, teach us, show us that we are capable of moving through adversity. Everything is temporary.
Embrace  – Each New Year’s Eve I embrace who I have been and who I am becoming. I do a thorough house cleansing, clearing out stuck energy in my home, clearing out space so that the energy flows freely, allowing room for other experiences to manifest in my life.
Ever since I did my space clearing at the new year, I’ve been experiencing contacts with a LOT of people from my past! At a restaurant, I ran into two old friends from the dance studio. I’ve reconnected with two former co-workers, who have taken the time to thank me for teaching them, and who have helped me to remember that I am well regarded in my profession. At the store, two dancers from my past stopped me and we caught up with what they’re doing now. Friend after friend … people I haven’t spoken with in some time … are all re-appearing in my life currently. They’re giving me such joy! I’m embracing the experience of seeing them, remembering good times, catching up, connecting, embracing. I had an immensely satisfying conversation with a cherished friend who I haven’t seen in about a year; it was wonderful! And I am so grateful. Connecting with these people, embracing them physicially and spiritually, means so much to me. Embrace!
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  1. Unknown says:

    Hi there!!! So nice to see you…tomorrow we\’ll all find out about Tardbaby!!!! I\’m secretly crossing my finger for her….lol…hugs Mercy

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